Home Testimonials

"Thanks for the fantastic clean to our holiday home in Worthing, we look forward to seeing you around the same time next year".

Mr and Mrs West - Lancing


"After our cleaner did her cleaning magic on our oven it now looks like new".

Mrs D Hobbs - Ferring


"Thank you for stepping at the last minute to do such a wonderful clean, Mike and I are very greatful".

Mr and Mrs  Smart - Worthing


 "Thanks for the clean – it’s brilliant! My husband did not recognise the house when he came back. We will be booking you annually I think".

Mrs H Holt - Hove


"I am very pleased with my domestic cleaner that I now have on a weekly basis. Thank you very much for your extra time you spent getting my house in order after my wife passed away".

B Williams - Worthing


"A fantastic and friendly cleaning service. The best house cleaning company we've had for a long time".

Mrs V Webster - Rustington


"Chores Indoors offer a reliable and efficient cleaning service at an affordable rate".

Mrs B Tester - Rustington


"It's such a pleasure to come home from a long hard day at the office to find my house nice and clean. Your cleaning staff are always happy to carry out the cleaning tasks in our home".

Mrs Parkinson - Findon


"A fantastic home cleaning service. We would definitely recommend this cleaning company to all our friends".

Mrs M Dowell - Rustington


"Fantastic Service - Our bathroom looked like new! Thanks to our cleaner, everything looked so clean and tidy. Would definitely recommend the cleaning service".

Mrs A Dallan – Worthing


"We are very happy with our cleaner Donna, she has been cleaning our home for 6 years. She is a brilliant cleaner who will always go the extra mile".

Diana P - Arundel


"A very reliable and affordable cleaning service".

Mrs Peters - Worthing


"Thank you to Donna and your staff for the after party clean, my wife and I were very impressed with your company's professionalism it was nice to see so many smiling faces ".

 Mr D White - Ferring


"Thank You Chores Indoors for doing such a wonderful job, my home particularly the bathroom tiles now look as good as new".

A. White - Worthing

"I have known Donna for 7 years and have found her to be a thoroughly good cleaner".

M. Preston - Worthing


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